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Salon is the former capital of the old Roman province of Dalmatia. She was a stronghold and a harbour of the Illyrian Delmati. Ilyrian Delmati came early into the sphere of influence of the Greeks on the Adriatic. Julius Caesar, was then the governor of Illyricum. He gave it the rank of a colony (Colonia Martia Julia Salona).  After that it became the center of the province of Illyricum and afterwards of the province of Dalmatia. It developed itself into a cosmopolitan centre of the Adriatic. During the time of Diocletian when it received the honorary title Valeria, that was the highpoint of its expansion.  As a family name "Valeria" belonged to the emperor himself. Salona became an important centre of Christianity between the IVth and Vlth centuries.

The Illyrian core of the city has been discovered recently. From the time of Augustus, until today, the eastern tract of city walls built of large stone blocks with doors bordered by octagonal towers is still preserved (Porta Caesarea). The rapid development of the city during August and throughout the first century was followed with construction of public facilities. In the southeastern part the Forum was built with the Capitol as the center of public, political and religious life. During the time a theatre, nekropolis and baths were built next to it. Here we also find the sumptuous Villa Urbana, which is known for its mosaics with depictions of Apollo Orpheus Triton.  On the road that led to Tragurium (necropolis in horto Metrodori), stood the great city necropolis who contain some of the most famous sarcophagi in Solin.

Christian memorial Chapel in memory of Christian martyrs grew on two sanctuaries, the goddess of fate and revenge of Nemesis, who was worshiped by the gladiators. The most interesting in view of new architectural solutions, is the Early Christian necropolis on Marusinac. Two large basilicas (geminae) stood in the new Christian centre of Salona. It is important to mention that eight additional basilicas have been explored within the city perimeter, and that most of the movable monuments from Salona are kept in the Archaeological Museum in Split.

In the present Salona (or Salon) is situated near today's town Solin (near Split). The churches built by the Early Medieval Croatian rulers have been thoroughly investigated. The remnants of the Benedictine monastery in Ritince beneath Klis ( a village located around a mountain fortress bearing the same name) lie a little further from the King Zvonimir's coronation "Hollow church" (Xlth century) which was built on the foundations of one of the most monumental Early Christian basilicas on the eastern Adriatic coast.